Hoatzin and two chicks
 A  Great Gray Owl    ( Strix nebulas)  is shown flying from its perch in a  Black Spruce  ( Picea mariana).   Illustration prepared for the “Great North Woods” ISBN 978—1-56846-275-2. (Creative Editions).
  Saguro  habitat group.
 This  Unpublished Chromatic Study  was the 1st version of the image directly above. The young girl is just falling asleep.
  Unpublished Image for a children’s book  describing the adventures of a tabby cat in the nighttime. Here a young girl is sleeping,  but her cat has just awoken and is about to depart into the outside world under the moonlight.  This is the 2nd painting based upon the 2nd preparatory drawing shown below.
  This is the    Unpublished Preparatory Drawing    for the 2nd version of a story about a cat’s travels in the nighttime. A young girl is sleeping while her cat has just awoken and will soon leave for its adventures in the outdoors under the moonlight. The monochrome drawing was used as a reference for the 2nd chromatic sketch directly above.
 A lake in the  boreal forest  near the US/Canadian border. A   Northern Gar   appears at left, a   Bullhead catfish   is in the mud near center bottom, and a   Walleye   is at right.  Illustration prepared for the  “Great North Woods”   ISBN 978—1-56846-275-2 . (Creative Editions).
  California Sea Otter   (Enhydra lutris)  floating in a giant kelp bed.  Illustration from   “Sea Elf”   , Wm. Morrow Jr. Books,  “Just for a Day Series”.  ISBN 0-688-10060-0. (Also published in French as “Le Lutin Des Mers” ISBN 2 211 03313 X).
 A  Purple Pitcher-plant   (Sarracenia purpurea)  growing in an acidic bog in the  Boreal Forest.  Illustration prepared for the “Great North Woods”  ISBN 978—1-56846-275-2. (Creative Editions).
 This was a mockup cover illustration prepared for the Wm. Morrow  Just For A Day  Series title  “White Bear, Ice Bear”   (written by Joanne Ryder).
   Tyrannosaurus rex    This is an internal illustration for     “Tyrannosaurus Time.”  ISBN 0-688-13682-6.   Here a T. rex is crossing a small river in Montana during the late Cretaceous Era. Basal avians called  Enantiornithines  are shown in the foreground. One  Enantornithine  is depicted with a captured amphibian in its mouth.
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