This habitat group depicts the fauna and flora of the Four Corners Region of the American Southwest. The broadleaf trees are called  Mountain Mahogany   (Cercocarpus ledifolius var. intermontanus)  and their flowers are shown (right side) being pollinated by metallic green  Sweat-bees   (Agaostemon tetanus).  A    Black-chinned hummingbird   (Archilochus alejandri)  hovers (at left) near the bright red flowers of a  Penstemon eatonii.  The yellow flowers at the lower right are called  Cleomella palmeriana .
 This is a depiction of the   Pu’u kukui    montane      habitat group on the island of Maui. The bog site is home to numerous threatened endemic species of Hawaiian plants and animals. The recently extinct   Bishop's ʻōʻō   is shown perched on a branch of a   Metrosideros polymorpha var. pseudorugosa   (an endemic dwarf type of the   ʻōhiʻa lehua)   .  A number of   Lobellia   species are also found there.
Samoan Toothed-billed pigeon habitat group
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