This painting depicts the two last adult  Great Auks  ( Alca impennis ) just before they were killed by fisherman on the Icelandic Island of Eldey Rock on June 3, 1844. Their sole egg was simultaneously smashed when their bodies were collected.
 Extinct  Great Auks   (Alca impennis)  on the Geirfuglasker Rocks, Iceland prior to 1830.
 The extinct  Falklands Island Wolf   (Dusicyon australis)  and a freshly caught  Magellanic Penguin   (Spheniscus magellanicus).  Charles Darwin encountered the Falklands Island Wolf when his science survey ship the HMS Beagle visited the archipelago.
 An  Okapi   (Okapia johnstoni ) in the Ituri Forest, Zaire.  First known to Western Science only since the 19th Century. The Okapi is threatened throughout its range by the bush meat trade and widespread civil conflict.
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